Every piece of leather in our line of bags, backpacks and small leather accessories comes from Swedish Tärnsjö Tannery.
We have chosen to work with Tärnsjö not only due to the superior quality hides that they produce, but also because they are one of the few tanneries left in the world that follow the tradition of vegetable tanning. The hides are always sourced from Sweden, mostly from local surroundings and tanned using time-tested methods. It is important to state that Tärnsjö Tannery only use the by-product of the local meat industry.

Since leather is a natural material, you will always find shifting in colour and structure, which is something that we really appreciate and creates uniqueness in every product.

For more information about the Tärnsjö Tanning process, please visit: https://tarnsjogarveri.com/tannery/