Crud is a Swedish brand based on principles that are hard to find in today’s throwaway culture. Everything that we create represents a commitment to simplicity, functionality, high quality and craftsmanship.

We create gear that can stand a beating and with time develop a patina and character specific for each individual product and its owner.

Our line of backpacks, bags and smaller leather goods are designed and Made in Sweden from some of the finest natural materials avaliable giving you gear that will age with dignity and last a lifetime when properly taken care of.

Our gloves are produced in the U.S and E.T by some of the most skilled glove manufacturers using mostly locally sourced and tanned hides of finest grade.

We know that our products aren’t for everyone and it is not our ambition to mass produce our goods either. We work with small batches and create  limited amount of goods for those who appreciate high quality and a simple utilitarian design.