Waxed canvas

Our bags and backpacks are made of 18oz heavy waxed canvas, a material that is both durable and highly water resistant.

We only use waxed canvas of highest quality from Halley Stevenson, a UK based company established in 1864, with a rich history of creating and developing superior quality waxed cotton and waterproof fabrics.

HS are specialized in waxed cotton and weatherproofed fabrics using responsibly sourced cotton and low impact manufacturing.

The beauty of waxed cotton lies in is its durability and longevity — it is built to last.

The densely woven cotton is strong and reliable and unlike many alternatives, can be maintained by the end user. Waxes and oils are naturally occurring substances found in leaves, bean/seed coverings, animal furs and feathers, it is natures protection against the elements.

Unlike PFC chemistry which has been produced to give hydrophobic effects, waxes offer this barrier naturally. There is therefore less impact on the environment using waxes as a water repellent. The waxes used in our fabrics are fully biodegradable.

For more information about waxed cotton, please visit: https://halleystevensons.co.uk/