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Gjöra gloves factory finish

760,00 kr

The originals! 

Gjöra gloves start off as high quality (A-Grade) cow hide from where each glove is individually hand cut and sewn together by skilled craftsmen.

The factory finish Gjöra gloves feature a bright yellow colour and do not have the wax coating applied to the leather surface. 

The gloves will have a slightly rigid surface at first, but will break in nicely and take the shape of your hands once worn a couple of times.

All Gjöra gloves are equipped with black brass eyelets for easy storage when not in use, perfect to snap on to your Crud Key Chain.

  • Made from full grain Pittards cow hide
  • Short shank style
  • Original factory finish
  • Equipped with black brass eyelets
  • Unlined 

The gloves might have a tight fit at first but as with all leather products, they will stretch a bit and fit perfectly once worn a couple of times.


Before placing you order, make sure to measure the circumference of your hands and compare it to our size chart to get the correct sized gloves. 

-Made in ET-