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The Kuksa is a traditional Sámi wooden cup made of birch burl.

These Kuksas are made by skilled craftsmen in Finnish Lapland above the arctic circle and are a great example of perfect design developed for the intended use. Traditionally the Sámi people did not carve any holes in the handle, instead the handle was shaped as a "rod" which made it easier to hold in cold conditions when wearing thick gloves.

The shape and natural properies of the material used in the kuksa will keep your beverage warm without transfering heat to your hands.

Used and taken care of the proper way, these cups will last a lifetime and is a ecological choice for plastic cups. As the kuksa is made from renewable and natural materials, there is no need for any washing agent to keep it clean.


  • Dimensions: 15cm x 8,5cm x 5,5cm
  • Volume: 1,5dl
  • Reideer leather strap with antler knob
  • Does not require any washing agent to clean


-Hand made in Finnish Lapland-