Rider gloves

1.080,00 kr

The Rider gloves are crafted around the same principles as our popular Molg glove with one difference- a snap button enclosure made from veg tanned leather.

The seams on the rider gloves have been placed on the exterior of the glove, meaning no protruding joints on the inside and a really comfortable fit.

The rider gloves start off as high quality (A-Grade) cow hide from where each glove is individually hand cut and sewn together by skilled craftsmen.

When the gloves reach us is however when true magic happens. Each pair of gloves undergoes our 8 step hand finishing treatment for a protective, deep acting barrier against the elements.

We use a old and proven recipe containing a special blend of natural ingredients that are worked in to the leather in different stages providing the gloves with a water repellent surface and a sweet smell of nordic pine.

Since the finishing process is so extensive and unpredictable, every glove will have a unique shifting in colour and feel.

The gloves will have a slightly rigid surface at first, but will break in nicely and take the shape of your hands once worn a couple of times.

  • Robust, high quality cow hide
  • Short shank style
  • Treated with our special compound containing natural ingredients only
  • Snap button enclosure
  • Unlined 

The gloves might have a tight fit at first but as with all leather products, they will stretch a bit and fit perfectly once worn a couple of times.

To get the right fit, use a measuring tape to measure the circumference of your hands and compare to our size chart.

-Finished in Sweden-