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Our popular Gjöra gloves just got updated!

We have updated the design by removing all exterior seams that can wear out with time and heavy use. We have also switched to goat skin which offer a tight grain structure and great abrasion resistance. Goat skin also tolerates moisture very well due to the natural lanolin found in the hides and dries soft after getting wet. Given proper care, these gloves will last you a long time.

The Gjöra gloves start off as A-Grade full grain goat hide from which each every pair of gloves is individually hand cut and sewn together by skilled craftsmen.

When the gloves reach us however is when true magic happens. Each pair of gloves undergoes our multiple-step hand finishing treatment for a protective and deep acting barrier against the elements.

We use a old and proven recipe containing a special blend of natural ingredients that are worked in to the leather in different stages providing the gloves with a water repellent surface and a scent of nordic pine.

Since the finishing process is so extensive and unpredictable, every glove will have a unique shifting in colour and feel.

Our gloves will have a slightly rigid surface at first, but will break in nicely and take the shape of your hands once worn a couple of times.

The Gjöra gloves are equipped with one pair of nylon loops in each glove for easy storage when not in use, perfect to snap on to your Crud Key Chain.

  • Made from full grain Pittards goat hide
  • Short shank style
  • Full welt wing thumb and no exposed seams
  • Treated with our special wax finish containing natural ingredients only
  • Equipped with nylon loops
  • Unlined 

The gloves might have a tight fit at first but as with all leather products, they will stretch a bit and fit perfectly once worn a couple of times.


Before placing you order, make sure to measure the circumference of your hands and compare it to our size chart to get the correct sized gloves. 

-Made in ET, finished in Sweden-


Full grain goat skin, nylon loops

Care instructions


Ships within 1-3 days

-Let the gear tell your story-

Gjöra gloves


Which glove size will fit me?

To get the correct sized gloves, we recommend using a measuring tape and measure the circumference of your dominant hand. After measuring your hand, compare the to the attached size chart. Please notice that the size charts will differ between glove models.

What is the shipping cost?

The shipping cost is based on the weight of your order. You can see the final shipping cost for your order at the checkout.

For orders over 2000SEK we offer free shipping.

What is the best way to take care of my leather gear?

If the leather surface is starting do look and feel a bit dry its time for some leather treatment. We recommend using Crud Leather Wax for care of your leather goods. Our wax is packed with nutrition and will keep you leather goods in great condition.